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We do attic insulation, removal and top up, also we help our clients to get up to $5,000 back through the Canada Greener Homes Grant when you upgrade your home insulation.

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Importance of Air Sealing and Insulating Attics

Attic Insulation and Home Insulation is also needed in warmer areas. Insulation prevents heat transfer. It prevents hot air from being transferred to the outside in the wintertime, and prevents the attic’s scorching heat from being transferred into the living areas of your home during the summer.


Blown-in cellulose insulation
There is only one type of Attic insulation we recommend to best protect your attic: blown-in cellulose. With excellent coverage, high R-value, and superior density, blown-in cellulose insulation effectively blocks our air leaks and improves home air temperature.

The benefits of installing blown in cellulose insulation
Blown-in cellulose insulation is one of the most commonly used building material products. It’s been around for some 70 years, and has gained popularity because it works so well. The product itself is derived from the cellulose in plants, and is commonly manufactured by incorporating recycled paper. It’s considered eco-friendly, and many homeowners prefer it to other insulation products.

Thermal Performance
Blown-in cellulose compares very favorably with other types of insulation, and is very effective in augmenting the existing R-Value of any insulation that has been already installed. As long as the existing insulation is clean, dry, and uncontaminated, blown insulation can be used to “top up”.

Effective Coverage
Blown-in cellulose is excellent for insulating “hard-to-reach” spaces. In the attic and roof cavity, where there are many limited access areas, blown-in cellulose provides very effective coverage. When professionally installed, the material fills cavities and spaces better than batt insulation.

Fire Resistance
Cellulose insulation is chemically treated to be fire resistant. The makeup of the product limits oxygen availability, and therefore prevents the spread of fire. In fact, cellulose insulation does particularly well in fire demonstration testing (up to 50% more resistant than other materials).

Cost Effective Install
Because blown-in cellulose is a straightforward installation, it requires less time and manpower than other products. When professionally installed by an experienced team, blown-in cellulose is a very cost effective option, with lower installation costs than many other insulation products.

Long Term Benefits
Unlike other home renovations, insulation has long-term benefits. Homeowners benefit from years of improved energy efficiency, as well as cost savings on heating and air conditioning. Home insulation delivers a better return-on-investment than most other home improvements.

Clean and Non-Toxic
Blown-in cellulose insulation contains NO asbestos, NO formaldehyde, and NO toxic chemicals.
In manufacturing, the material is treated with boric acid (antiseptic and insecticide) and thus provides insect repellency and mold resistance. It’s an ideal installation for the attic and roof.


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MOLD REMOVAL attic insulation Animal insect feces removal attic insulation
Attic Insulation

Blown Cellulose – Fiberglass: A properly insulated attic will enhance both energy efficiency and home comfort.

Insulation Removal

Clean and Professional removal of your old or damaged Attic insulation which affects your whole home.

Animal insect feces removal
Vermiculite - Asbestos Removal

Vermiculite was regularly used for attic insulation until the 1970s. In some cases, the vermiculite was found to contain asbestos due to a contaminated vermiculite mine.

Dense-Pack Wall & Ceiling Insulation
Dense-Pack Wall & Ceiling Insulation

Upgrade your Wall or Ceiling insulation & reduce your high energy bills or reduce sound . This method is clean and cost effective.

Mold Removal - Sanitation

Mold poses a serious health risk if it becomes airborne, but the size of the problem and risk to health increases if the source isn’t located and dealt with accordingly.

Animal - Insect Feces Removal

Attic restoration is usually needed following the removal of a wild animal from your home as they are leaving urine and fecal deposits in various places.

Spray Foam Insulation

Whether it is a new construction or renovation, a shopping center or an addition for small house, sprayed-in-place polyurethane foam is the most effective and efficient insulation in the market.

Enbridge Rebate & Canada Greener Home Rebate

Get up to $5,000 back through the Canada Greener Homes Grant when you upgrade your home insulation.

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Just had my wall insulation done by John and Victor. They are very professional, friendly. They explained and showed me what they are doing. They also left my home as clean as possible. I highly recommend this company and I will be using them in the future. Thank you so much John and Victor. 🙏🏿
charmaine Thompson
My husband and I are very pleased with the job the crew did in our attic. They were on time. Their price was reasonable. They did their job right and cleaned afterwards. I highly recommend Canada Green Insulation.
The Canada Green Insulation team did a fantastic job insulating our home. Maria was a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. The estimator was very knowledgeable and explained all the insulation options with their R values. The installation team was extremely professional and did a high quality job insulation our attics, crawl space and basement walls. We are very happy and already enjoying a more comfortable home.
Enrique Fraxedas

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